OLD The Lisa Barron Story

Lisa Barron


Lisa Barron’s fashion career blossomed before it began. Lisa, busy at her sewing machine would create innovative pieces for herself. Vinyl and leather was all the rage in the early 80s. It wasn’t long before local niche boutiques were clamouring for her styles.

Lisa excelled at fashion school and led the way for other Western Australian fashion Designers. She was honored with the “Fashion Excellence Award” in 1982 which propelled her to Melbourne. In quick time Lisa established a home business supplying innovative stores around Melbourne and South Yarra.

The business grew and grew and by 1985 she established the label nationally. It was also at this time that Max Caruso joined the business adding marketing and business skills to a business already known for its creativity.

It wasn’t long before shredded leather and vinyl evolved into after five creations and quirky daywear pieces which demonstrated a broader appeal but retained a definite edge. At this point Lisa started to dress music and television celebrities and so was born the designer / muse relationship with Nicky Buckley.

By the early 90s the world of fabrics opened up for Lisa. The label grew up almost overnight as its clever designs now could be expressed through the finest fabrics in the world. These fine fabrics from famous generational mills from Italy and France became her canvas.  A certain sophistication crept into her designs as women nationally marveled at her creations which now incorporated fine tailored suiting divine daywear and simply beautiful evening wear. 

By the mid to late 90s the national distribution of Lisa’s designs was complemented by a flagship store on Toorak Road, South Yarra and soon followed by the jewel in her crown, a beautiful boutique and head office on High Street, Armadale.

The 90s also saw the coming of age of the Australian fashion Industry. Innovative event organisers lured super models such as Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen to Melbourne.  If there truly is a glamorous side to fashion, this was it! Dressing the most desired women in the world was a career highlight for Lisa. Lisa is proud to have been involved in these events from their inception and continues to be invited to fashion festivals nationally.

The label keeps progressing and appealing to a wider audience who are increasingly conscious of quality, originality and beauty but also more politically, environmentally and socially aware. Lisa's insistence in having her product made locally rather than produced overseas has been recognized and commended by her peers. This along with her incredible contribution to fashion culminated in Lisa being inducted into the Fashion Hall of Fame in 2005. 

The 21st Century is upon us and the verve, vigor and innovative edge which is Lisa’s burning flame is as bright as ever.